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Mortal Kombat 11 is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Wikipedia


Mortal Kombat came onto the scene as a complete show-stealer. Everyone wanted to play it from young kids to teens and adults. No fighting game before had human sprite graphics like MK did. Everyone liked Street Fighter but man MK looked real compared to those cartoon graphics. FATALITIES were a huge hit and have since become a videogame staple to end a match in any fighting game with a spectacular kill move.


Mortal Kombat11

MK garnered so much attention that negative attention was bound to follow and it did with outcry from parents when they found their son ripping Kano’s skull and spine from his frozen body with Sub-Zero. MK was THE catalyst for the creation of the ESRB (Electronic software ratings board) which will stamp MK games of the future with mostly “M”s

Basically, it had a super successful launch and parlayed that perfectly. MKII continued the human sprite but added characters and deepened the lore while introducing ANIMALITIES, BRUTALITIES, and the hilarious FRIENDSHIPS and BABALITIES. MK embraced its vision of extreme violence with a quirky sense of humor in its second installment and broke sales records, beating out the box office of some big summer blockbuster releases in that year. With huge sales numbers for the second MK, they were on a hot streak and got a movie deal out of it which only furthered the game’s popularity.

After the 90’s, the MK franchise went into a bit of a lull relatively speaking, MK4 sold reasonably well but numbers were on the decline. Mortal Kombat: Annhilation, the sequel to the better than expected first MK movie, somehow regressed in CGI, killed off the only character with personality in the first two minutes and went overkill in trying to include every character in the game. Critics panned it and only the biggest MK fans found enjoyment in it.

Then MK lost some steam but kept on keeping on with new characters, stories and mechanics that would help the franchise as a whole.

Mortal Kombat crossed the line with its violence and got a lot of attention for it but it would not be long before every game was hamming up the violence and gore. In order to stand out and be something other than just a bloodfest, they put emphasis on the lore for their next few games, MK Deadly Alliance, MK Deception and MK Armageddon. They introduced open world when open world gaming was at its peak around when GTA III came out so you could walk around and explore which furthered the lore. In terms of gameplay mechanics, they experimented with alot during this stretch of games, including different fighter “stances”, 3D fighting was played with (first used in MK4), weapons, the Krypt feature, etc. They sold enough that they could keep making sequels but the popularity level was definitely no longer in the “Ou! let’s make a big budget Hollywood movies about this again!” range.

After Armageddon came out in 2006 with its biggest roster of fighters ever, there needed to be a reset of some sort for in-story reasons and otherwise. In 2008, apparently what is considered MK8 is actually Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe which sold well and fined tuned the structure of what would be the re-birth of the Mortal Kombat franchise, MK9.

Back to basics! Back to the top of the fighting game genre!

Thankfully or perhaps frustratingly to some, the whole story goes back to square one. MK9 encapsulates the events of MKI and MKII from the 90’s with a few tweaks. The result was phenomenal from graphics to the structure of the story mode to the fighting. At this point, they could put emphasis on what made people love the game to begin with as most casual gamers had no idea what the hell went on between MK4 and MK: Armageddon. Less convoluted stories with less unknown characters and more of what people loved while resetting the story was a great plan that refreshed the franchise immensely. MKX continued that trend while adding a slew of new characters and gameplay tweaks and sold about just as well. Due to how incredibly well MK9, MKX and MK11 have sold, we are lucky enough to be getting another Mortal Kombat film from Warner Brothers which as already finished filming.

MK is such a great and enduring videogame franchise because:

  • Ed Boon loves his IP and has worked very hard to make sure it remains relevant.
  • Ed and Netherrealm Studios are not afraid to take risks whether it be huge gameplay changes, killing off big characters or anything. They are willing to try new stuff even if it means ruffling some feathers which I cannot overstate it enough, is a HUGE reason Mortal Kombat is a beloved and still thriving franchise.
  • Lore: Look, Mortal Kombat has a pretty goofy lore with Earthrealm, Outworld, Neatherrealm, Chaosrealm, Orderrealm, Edenia, etc. all being their own planet? Plain of existence? I’m unsure. Every character is somewhat of a caricature on the surface. People can summon ice, fire, daemons, spit acid, turn invisible, teleport, etc. somehow, someway. But, lot of lore for lots of stuff is silly. However, it is commedndable how deep and fleshed out the lore is, even with the less popular MK 5–8, those games did tremendous world building and solidified the MK-verse and its own thing. There are WB comics and mini-series’ out now that do this even further.
  • Ed’s ability to evolve his vision to fit with the times while also listening to the fans has been a huge reason for continued success with gaining new fans while retaining old ones.



Mortal Kombat started out as a Jean Claude Van Damme video game, similar to the Bloodsport movie that was out at the time but Ed Boon and John Tobias (the guys who created the game) couldn’t get the rights to use Van Damme because he was working for Sega, so they created a fighting game out of it using the same character design as JCVD to create the character who is now known as Johnny Cage :

The other characters were caricatures of actors and martial artists from martial arts movies such as Liu Kang who came from Bruce Lee :

Raiden was inspired by a similar looking character with a Chinese hat and electricity from Big Trouble In Little China :

Kano came from a character in Terminator 2 : Judgement Day by Arnold Schwarzenegger :

Sonya Blade’s role was originally going to be used for another character named Kurtis Stryker who became Jax in Mortal Kombat 2 and the name was given to a different character altogether in MK 3 :

According to Ed Boon the yellow and blue ninjas Scorpion and Sub-Zero were created because the game delevopers ran out of memory to add more characters so they just took the same character design and changed the colors to make them appear as different characters :

Ed Boon (the co creator of the Mortal Kombat games) says the GET OVER HERE and COME HERE catchphrases that you hear Scorpion say in the game after he throws a harpoon at his opponent and pulls them towards him to temporarily stun them for a few seconds :

Fatalities were created to give the player a chance to get a free hit after they’ve already defeated their opponents in the second round but the game developers thought it would attract more players if they had the option to kill them by using a secret button combination that exists outside of the game through magazines that had cheat codes on it or you had to figure out how to do it yourself (there was no internet yet) :
Ed Boon who is the game programmer and the guy who does the GET OVER HERE voice for Scorpion whenever he pulls the rope out of his hand to catch an opponent to temporarily stun them for a free hit. John Tobias who came up with the characters names and back stories but he doesn’t work for Midway anymore (Midway was the company that made the original Mortal Kombat games but it doesn’t exist anymore because of bankruptcy and the rights to the series were acquired by Warner Bros who owns it now). Dan Forden is the games music and sound effects guy, he’s also the guy who pops out of the corner of the screen when a player does an uppercut occasionally and shouts TOASTY which debuted in the second game.

Mortal Kombat took what movie genres that were at the time (and in part still are) loved but weren’t in a video games – kung-fu/martial arts movies, especially from the 70’s and action/horror movies. They put this into a game were playing it, not just watching. The blood was the pinnacle of MKs success at the time. Kids loved it and parents hated it and it only made MKs popularity grow. To this day this remains the same with many other games. Sure there are kids fine with Minecraft and the latest Lego adventure game but lots of kids want Call of Duty and GTA simply because they know its “cool”. MK started all that.

It was simply to play. 4 attack buttons, 1 block button and easy special moves F, F, HP = fireball as opposed to Street Fighter. Even now it remains slower paced than the former.

MK came out at a time where marketing off a success was huge. After the first 2 games what did we get? Movies, cartoon show, action figures, comic series, more games, and a mess ton of imitators like Primal Rage and kasumi Ninja…. And more.

What makes it so popular beyond the blood and fatalities though for me are the iconic and cool characters. People love Scorpion and Sub Zero, people love Liu Kang and Johnny Cage, girls Cosplay as the girls often. People know who Goro is if you showed them a picture (if theyre a gamer), people try to mimic Raidens gibberish when he flys. I dont care for him But people think Baraka is awesome. Not only that MK has a cool story, even when it was just text and no cutscenes I loved reading about who was good and bad, how Shang Tsung was just a pawn to Shao Khan, how earth had lost several Tournaments and so on.

To wrap up, yes people mostly know and care for what new sick fatality the make but MK made a mark, has great story and characters and they presently try to make good gameplay with its newer games.



She’s over 10000 years old


He’s a Shaolin monk and can shift into a dragon


Also a telepath due to being the son of Kenshi


She’s a clone of Kitana, mixed with Edenian and Tarkatan blood, hence the ugly teeth


Has her mother’s appearance and her father’s wit



Ermac is a fusion of the fallen Edenian warriors’ souls


God he can be revived


He pukes and farts and burps to attack


Look at Meliena’s execution, I won’t say anything else


Lao has a cool looking hat!


Dude he wears HUMAN masks made from HUMAN skins




System Requirements
  • OS:

    MacOS X 10.8.5

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i5 2.4 GHz

  • Memory:

    8 GB RAM

  • Graphics:

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M

  • Network:

    Broadband Internet connection

  • Storage:

    7 GB available space

  • OS:

    MacOS X 10.8.5 or Newer

  • Processor:

    Intel Core i7 2.4 GHz+

  • Memory:

    8 GB RAM

  • Graphics:

    OpenGL 4.1 - ATI Radeon HD 5670, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M

  • Network:

    Broadband Internet connection

  • Storage:

    7 GB available space

  • Additional Notes:
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Mortal Kombat 11 is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Wikipedia

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