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Dota 2 can be summed up as a game that is hard to get in to but impossible to put down. I have been playing dota likes for 9 years and no substitutes come close to the depth and challenge of dota itself. You think 100hrs of game time is significant? Oh boy, you’ve now played every hero once, you dont know jack.

If you can be honest with yourself and not blame everyone else for your failures you will improve immensely and quickly(relative to dota time) meanwhile people with thousands of hours dwell at the bottom of match making because they don’t take responsibility for themselves. Dota is a lot like real life in that sense.

If you want to be challenged, have patience, and can be honest with yourself get some friends and play dota. The moments when it all comes together and you make a huge comeback or win a super close game are better than any high from any drug.


One of the best online games of the century. The game doesn’t have a good story mode but it is meant to be a multiplayer game. It is a 2d/3d game which involves strategy, teamwork and competitiveness. It’s got a huge community since the game is free. The community is not that bad but not good either, often cursing each other for teammates faults but it’s how they get along to win. The community is filled with players all over the world , some may speak English some may not which you need to get adjusted to(it’s fun to learn words from another language).

Gameplay is just awesome, the ability effects are brilliant and can’t believe it’s such a small size game. The game constantly gives you updates which may involve bug fixes and new features. The only thing which is not free is the cosmetics although you do get them in form of drops. All the 30 plus playable characters have brilliant effects, unique dialogues and abilities which set them apart. Another awesome feature is ranked gameplay, which brings seriousness to the game and helps your team to thrive towards victory. If you have not played this game yet you have missed out on something amazing. Getting used to the game at first can be difficult but it’s better later on.


I lost my soul.

Kiddings aside. The game is indeed fun,been playing it since dota1 v6.27 then migrated to dota 2 when valve announced it.

Heroes – 4.5/5 (yeah,we need more heroes,haha)

Graphics – 4.5/5 (its really good eye candy, with the effects, particles and how the heroes interact with the environments

Complexity – 3/5 (it has a steep learning curve but its rewarding)

Community – 3/5 (let me get this straight,people at community hubs,youtube videos,guides are awesome,it seems that they have some respect, however, the real personality comes out when we play, youll see a lot of bashers,flamers but you would also see a lot of awesome and fun people to play with.

But you need to be patient, everyone makes mistakes and people usually flame people for that. Just mute those guys and just continue learning and adapting to the game.



Is dota still a popular game?

It Definitely is!

The numbers are even more impressive when there are pro tournaments. Few might say the game is not as popular as it once was. That is partially true but Valve is constantly trying to hold their player base with timely updates.

It does suffer from few issues like the Match Making Algorithm, frequent patches which sometimes doesn’t go well with most of the player base and it’s under constant threat by few other games.

But yeah the game is still definitely popular and I hope Valve actually does something to retain their player base and attract new players!


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I like it. I barely got to test it out today, but I have high hopes. I’m a big fan of playing with my “stack” (viz. four friends of mine), and now I can actually play meaningful ranked with them.

The fact that everyone now has to queue for roles is amazing. I never played much ranked because of this, in fact, I’ve never calibrated solo or party MMR. I get mid snatched by some random who first picks Sniper or Pudge and goes on to lose lane, way too often. By then all the core roles are already filled and I’m very uncomfortable in both the 4 and 5 roles. I’m likely somewhere between low Crusader or mid guardian, hence the problem with queueing for ranked roles.

Support MMR and Core MMR being separated is a nice change. It makes you more comfortable in ranked, even if you get a role you’re not your best in. I played my first ranked game as a 4 Earthshaker, not my most comfortable position and I can play one hero in that role (Shaker). Therefore, a positive change in my eyes.

I have hopes that this is a positive change for a toxic community, encouraging the players to play with their friends.


The good – Bi-weekly updates, game is always fresh… Probably the best PVP experience out there, every hero is unique, changes the rules of the game and so many ways to build each hero, you could build a game around each one of these heroes. The quality of the models, effects, the atmosphere, all amazing and the amount of lore in the game is vast.

The bad – Matchmaking times, possibility of toxic players on your team, extremely hard for new players to get into. The tutorials give you super basics, but nothing can really prepare for you the intense PVP that dota 2 has in store for you.


But there’s of course a lot more that you can do! First of all, you should adapt your starting items. For example: You are playing Invoker against a Tinker in mid, Tinker having 55 base damage, while Invoker has only 38. I recommend you get some stats (giving damage & attack speed) through Null Talisman or Blades of Attack and rush Phase Boots (which leads into an early game advantage, but most likely a late game disadvantage.)

Secondly, I guess you already noticed that when you attack an enemy hero, while you are close to his creeps, they will start to attack you, this is then called Creep Aggro. You can easily abuse this mechanic by right clicking the enemy hero, press the “S” stop button to cancel your attack animation and then just walk straight back to your tower. The result of this trick is that the creeps will be closer to you and further from your enemy. With a bit a of practice you will be able to lead the enemy’s creeps directly to your ranged creep, which is then quite easy to deny. This mechanic is very very very very godamn’ useful. Learn it!! :)FYI, the creeps follow you for 2.3 seconds (Cool down of this is 3 seconds). But you can (attack force) deny click one of your creeps, the aggro will be transferred to this creep.

You can get the Creep Aggro through any enemy on the map – in case the enemy in your lane is missing. Thing is, you gotta be in a 550 units range of the creeps.

You should also start watching pros play and your own replays (from your enemy’s perspective too!!)

Have fun at Dota 2. We all suck at it. Good luck, bruh.


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